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We help you succeed with a litany of services that are crucial to the success of any business, regardless of size, not just to survive, but to thrive in this new digital era of commerce. The combination of 21st Century technology, powerful marketing tactics with proven “Hands-On” personalized strategy is what makes Max Business Profits unique and effective!

Business Coaching and Consulting = Success Advising

The principal, Sergio DeCesare is an expert business coach and consultant with over 20 years experience in owning, managing, and selling businesses. He is also a Real Estate Broker, licensed in Florida for 25 years with a spotless record.

Get out of the trenches and let’s see what your business looks like from a elevated position of experience and authority with me!  Get that 30,000 ft view of your business where you can see where you’ve been, where you are at and where you need to go in your business.

Tip: Many people get confused by the role of a consultant versus a coach. Typically, a consultant is a person who gives professional or expert advice usually without suggesting a solution. While a coach connotes terms like teacher, mentor, trainer and developer. Both roles bring different, yet critical, value to companies and individuals.

Max Business Profits blends the best of business coaching and consulting to meet the specific needs of our clients as your all-around Business Success “Advisor”.

Mastermind Groups

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying, “If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 6 hours sharpening my Ax.

Sergio DeCesare, Founder Max Business Profits, is a trained Mastermind Group Facilitator. He presently facilitates a live, in-person Business Mastermind Group in Naples Florida where the collective knowledge, experience and opinions are  encouraged and perpetuated in a non-judgemental yet effective enviroment.  If you have never been part of a Mastermind group, you are surely missing one of the most productive time you can spend for yourself and your business. Learn more about it at:

Tip: Studies have shown that mastermind sessions are wildly successful in resolving all kinds of issues a business is experiencing from marketing to hiring new employees.

Max business profits messaging

MESSAGING….What’s Yours?

Do you know who your perfect customer is and what he/she needs to hear from you in order to do business with you? When asked, most business owners do not have a 10 second, 30 second elevator speech, effective tag-line or really any coherent way to communicate what they do to a prospect. Simply stating, ” I am a Mortgage Broker”  or  I am a Plumber” is about the worst thing you can say! The same applies to your business cards. Without a compelling offer or something to elevate your prospects interest, you are wasting time, money and ink! Let max Business Profits show you how to maximize those crucial seconds you have to get a prospect to learn more about what you can do for them or someone they know!

Video Marketing & SEO

As businesses find new, inventive ways to reach customers, Videos is an excellent way to stand out on social media and your website -Landing pages. Its a way to giving customers a quick overview of a product without overwhelming them with text. In less than thirty seconds, a customer can get the information he needs about a business through a short, visually-appealing video.

Just like with text and pictures, video requires a Search Engine Optimization strategy! YouTube is becoming extremely popular and guess who owns YouTube? GOOGLE!  Max Business Profits is well versed in SEO tactics and processes to Optimize your video to boost your website rankings and “edify” you and your product or service.

Contact us now to be on the cutting edge of the latest marketing technology WITHOUT going broke with production costs!

Tip: Do you know you only have about 10 seconds to capture the attention of your audience before they click away?

Functional Websites | Webpages

Do you the difference between a Website or a Squeeze page? Many businesses mistakenly believe they are one in the same or that they need a “Full blown” website when in fact they need a simple squeeze page to capture leads. In some cases, BOTH may be required, but how will you know unless you speak to a knowledgeable professional like Max Business Profits?

We create and help monetize our client’s websites and squeeze pages through responsive design, great copy and video. Once built, we can drive your potential customers to you site for effortless lead generation and follow up.  Don’t be left doing business at a disadvantage to your competition! Get your product & services online now!

Tip: Good web design always caters to the needs of the user on various devices and gets your message across without an enormous amount of un-needed copy.

Local Area SEO | Why you need it

Local SEO has grown significantly over the last few years, particularly given the rise of smartphone usage and better connectivity while out and about. Although it has a lot of similarities with organic SEO, it’s ultimately very different.

Local SEO is focused on providing results that are relevant to a searcher based on their current location. If I search for ‘best steak restaurant’ on my desktop right now, Google would provide me with results that are nearest to me.

Google has also recently indicated that one in three US mobile queries is now ‘local’ and 87% of people use their phone when on the go. Google also found that 95% of mobile users look up local information on their phones and the primary functions are calling or visiting a business.

Tip: The Best SEO strategy is when its built “organically” or through natural viewing of your site over time.  Max Business Profits combines Local SEO tactics with Organic SEO – No “Blackhat” tricks than can get you ignored by the Search engines!

So, you’re thinking of selling your Business?

Have you decided what will happen to your business when you do not want it anymore? Do you have a graceful and dignified Exit Strategy for yourself or business?

The reasons people sell their businesses are diverse, but one thing that is common to all sellers is that they want the best price possible.   


 Unfortunately, Only 25% of Businesses Ever sell!   Of those that do eventually sell, only 3% of owners get their “price” because they over-valued their business and never understood what builds value or HOW to make their businesses more saleable!

Tip: The time to start thinking about an Exit Strategy is NOW!!!

 Competitive Intelligence

Information is POWER!  

One crucial element of success in any business is knowing what your competition is doing or NOT doing and gearing your marketing to address those strengths and weakness to elevate your own product or services.

If you don’t know the weaknesses of your competitors’ products or pricing, how can you compete?

Working together,  we can provide that information and show you how to best to use that information to your advantage.

Tip: The successful man ( or woman) is the one who finds out what is the matter with his/her  business before the competitors do.

MAXimize Your Business Workshops

92% of all business failures are attributed to lack of training and “Know How” of the owners.Through our workshops and seminars, you will stop making key mistakes and experience “Breakthroughs” like never before.

Max Business Profits has developed workshops around our Proprietary P7 System that do just that.  Find out about the next event or schedule them to speak at your office.

We have workshops on subjects like Facebook Marketing, Contrast or Differentiation Marketing {how to make you stand out from your competitors}, How to Price your product or services appropriately, Vital components of a successful website,  and even how to Network more effectively to to name a few.

Tip: Max Business Profits Workshops also give you an opportunity to network with like minded business owners who have come to solve a business problem they are presently experiencing

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