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One thing that has changed dramatically over the last decade is websites.

As an experienced entrepreneur of multiple businesses for almost the last two decades, Sergio can tell you that the purpose of a website has changed radically. Even only a decade ago, having a website was considered “optional”, there to just let people know where you are, what you do or what you have to say. These days the primary focus of any website put up by a business should be to monetize that website and to control the conversation regarding you and your business. It is no longer good enough to be “found on Google” like everyone else. You need to set yourself apart by professional content, flow and a message that resonates with your audience. People today have a choice. They want to do business with a “Professional” and a perceived, if not established, leader in his/her profession. Through an expertly designed website, we can assign credibility to your business.

To monetize the site means, in essence, to drive traffic to your site, capture the contact information of those visitors in hopes of selling them your product or service now or in the future. Your product and services may be listed on your site for immediate purchase or through a series of “touches”, eventually persuading those prospective clients to reach a buying decision and “close” a sale.  As far as controlling the conversation, the site would present irrefutable evidence of expertise in your field and show an impeccable reputation. All things that would convince someone to do business with you.

Most websites designs are terrible. They are built to look pretty but pretty does not translate into sales.

And sure, you can get a kid (or an adult for that matter) to “put up” a site for you for less than a $100 or spend up to $30,000 to have a professional build a website. BUT the #1 problem with most websites that we see is that they are usually designed by someone who has never made money with a website.

After all, is your need for a website just so you can say you have one or do you want to make money with it? As a business owner, you have better thought, “Make Money!”

We can help to Maximize Profits with building or in the re-design of your website.

Call us today to take use the internet to your advantage and not just as “informational” site but as a part of a concerted effort to drive more business through your doors!

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