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My name is Sergio DeCesare.

I am an experienced Business Growth coach, Business Broker, and Mastermind Group Facilitator. As well as, an Amazon #1 Best-selling Author. [clickable link]

I start and facilitate Business Mastermind Groups both virtually and “Live” .

You can learn more about it at

If you have never been part of a Mastermind group as a business owner or entrepreneur, then you really are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to take your business and life to a higher level.

I have been blessed to have been involved in two paid mastermind groups in my life and I can tell you that they remove barriers, keep you accountable and provide solutions not perceived by a singular mind. Your success curve is significantly shortened by participating in a Mastermind Group!  I was so impressed by the results of individuals in the group, as well as my own, I decided I, one day,wanted to do that for others. Now, I do!

Just know this:

Now, as much as I’d like to take credit for my members’ success, I cannot, because it already takes a special kind of person to want to belong to a group that encourages your success and holds you accountable for it. I just simply, “Facilitate” their journey and hold them accountable.  Take the time to review the testimonials on my Home Page as well as YouTube channel. I think you’ll see, there is little HYPE- Just Results.

Where do you want to be in a year? In three years? Five years?  

Do you know?

If you want to shorten the distance between where you are now and where you want to be, then this is for you.  If this interests you or you feel that you could benefit from such an organization, go to


Presently, we are setting up groups, day & time to be determined later. Our groups are small and intimate (6-8 max) and breed a sense of trust, non-judgement and responsibility.

If this is the kind of support and motivation you desire for yourself and your business, please feel free to go to for more info or simply contact me at

Please take a moment to answer a few questions as to what group, dates or times you may be interested in.  There is no obligation, we are just trying to get a feel for what would work for you.

To learn more about my company and what I do for my clients, go to

Thanks so much for your time and your consideration!

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