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man_  Sergio DeCesare

  Sergio is very passionate about Maximizing Business Profit!

   Sergio is very passionate about Maximizing Business Profit!

   As a matter of fact, he is so obsessed with maximizing PROFIT, that he took one  company, during a massive economic downturn, and increased their profits by over $325,000!

In another case, Sergio was visionary in directing management away from selling a highly commoditized “product” for minimal margins to focusing their business model on “services” with products as a “value-add” compliment to their premium services. The result was almost a 300% increase in revenues with margins on products increasing six fold!

You see, owning a small business is the best way to become wealthy in the United States of America. No other place in the world can make that claim. But, without expert advice and sound practices it can be the fastest way to go broke!

Sergio has a passion and a knack for helping small businesses achieve MAX PROFITS!

It’s not theory. Its REAL life for Sergio. You see, he had to learn the hard way through trial and error. He has done it all from opening a “brick & mortar” location to online sales. From developing “best practices” to creating new profit centers within a business. From marketing to understanding how and WHEN to sell your business and how to get MAX PROFITS from that sale!

That is where Max Business Profits comes into play.

If you are interest in maximizing your profits and would like to position your business to grow in the next year, let us know.

That’s what we do.

We have  processes that can position your business to grow Profits quickly and efficiently.  Helping you to work on your business instead of in your business.

We can even help you sell your business!

Sergio DeCesare, Founder

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