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Your Blueprint to More Customers, More Efficiency and Higher Profits for your Business that

your competition prays you’ll never get!


What’s in this course?

There are 10 Modules created by Max Business Profits that outlines every area absolutely critical to building a Million Dollar Plu$ Business.


Each module will discuss real life business topics and how to master them without the learning curve many businesses experience that so often can be major setbacks or even destroy a business before it has had a chance to bloom!


Subjects like:
  • Getting Processes in your business identified, established, documented and delegated!
  • Getting your customers to fall in love with you, over and over again!
  • Introducing “Value Add” to your services or Products to increase bottom line.
  • How to properly price your product or service for maximum profit yet competitively.
  • Keeping Delinquencies low
  • Proper tracking of everything from incoming leads to your books to rewarding referrals.
  • Hiring Team members / Firing Slackers
  • Leadership in your organization
  • Developing the culture of your business
  • Marketing: both online and offline
  • Website creation and what to say and what not to say on your site.
  • Building Social Proof online
  • Creating your Tagline, Mission Statement and Elevator speeches
  • Product Development / creating alternate Revenue Streams
….just to name a few


That’s not all!   Order this and get our Fast Track Promo service for free!  Here, we actually work with you to discover Who are your best Customers, Where to find them and What is the message to craft specifically for their ears!   Then, we help you translate that over to an effective Business Card Design as well as Internet Landing Page!


But because you purchase this now, we are including 1 Phone call a month for 6 months (up to 20 minutes per call) and unlimited email support (48 hour response time typical). You will also be eligible for a 30% discount on Sergio’s 1:1 Signature Coaching!


We are so committed to your success, we are convinced that if you follow our blueprint exactly, you will experience explosive growth and increase you bottom line by at least 25% almost immediately upon implementation and double that in the first 6 months or we will work with you 1:1 until you do!



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