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Video SEO & Marketing

First there was print, then came radio, now… VIDEO!!

Video advertising is arguably the best and most advanced way to reach consumers in this day and age.

Whether you’re advertising on a local network, across the web, or simply through your own existing marketing, video advertising cannot be beat!

No other media can compete with the sights, sounds and energy that video advertising can generate for your business! The power video production offers is not out of reach but may simply require a change of perspective.

Statistics show that when you don’t utilize video you are only fighting half the battle. Almost 60% of internet users prefer watching video over reading text and are 64% more likely to purchase or pursue a product/service when they have access to a related video. Not only do users love product promotion but emailing and other outreach venues are over 95% more successful when video is included.

We can continue to list statistics but the proof is already there, video works!



So…what the heck is video SEO?

It is Search Engine Optimization specifically for video.  It is a class of SEO unto it’s self and most SEO “gurus” haven’t even yet played with it.

Sergio however has specialized in studying and implementing Video SEO tactics.  Production value and quality plays a much less important part in the “promoting” and optimization of a video when SEO is implemented.

It doesnt matter how great your video is to watch if nobody is watching it or can find it!

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