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Business Consulting Coaching Marketing Naples Florida

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Business Consulting Coaching Marketing Naples Florida

Are you an Operator ( Worker) or an Owner?

We are expert Business Success Coaches and Marketing Consultants for Small Business Owners and the Self Employed.

If your goal is to get the maximum amount of profit in the minimum amount of time, EVERY TIME, then don’t hesitate! Contact us now. We turn “operators”, also known as WORKERS into “Owners“!  Work ON your business, not just IN it!

 “Max Business Profits” Founder Sergio DeCesare is a #1 Best-Selling Author on in the area of Business Ethics and Productivity.


"Business Leader Success! An Introduction to Elite Business Leaders! Volume I"


Business Consulting Coaching Marketing Naples Florida


Why you need a Max Business Profits Coach…

So, you made the leap from being an employee to owning a business. Congratulations.

Or perhaps you’ve been in business awhile now but are not getting where you need to be. Maybe business is flat. Maybe you feel like you are working HARDER for the same or LESS Money?

Perhaps your business is, well, just plain Dying? The saying in business is: Your Business is either Growing or it is Dying.

Either way, you have a Choice!


Business Consulting Coaching Marketing Naples Florida


Learn about valuable and vital services, such as “competitive Intelligence”  reporting to elevate your business.




Want to Sell Your Business?


Naples Masterminds Groups Forming NOW!

Presently there are 6-8 slots available for Business Owners who want to take full advantage of the POWER of a Mastermind Group!
The group forming now is a Real Time, Virtual Group consisting of only a single member of any profession.
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2017 Southwest Florida Choice Awards

Best Business Consultant 2017

The P7 Prosperity System

Everything you know about Starting, Managing, Marketing and “Exiting” a business lucratively, is WRONG!

Running a Business profitably has changed DRAMATICALLY over he last 10-15 Years

•Competition is fierce.
•Regulation is at an all time high.
•Taxes and healthcare related costs are pounding us.
•Customers are much more demanding yet…Customer service is actually down!
•Bank financing for business is non existent.
•The Internet! Social Media!
What if you had a blueprint on how to operate a profitable business in the 21t Century based on 7 Principles that any one could learn and execute?
Introducing the P7 Prosperity Blueprint for Small Business

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PRICING- what you don’t know is BLEEDING YOU!

Max Business Profits 6Cs of Small Business Pricing Part 1 of this video will discuss the first 3 of the 6Cs of Small Business Pricing. Video length: A very informative 8 min. Part 2 of this video will discuss the final 3 of the 6Cs of Small Business Pricing Video...

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