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Production, Marketing and Financial coaching to a much more profitable company

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Does your business suffer from “missing profits” or shrinking profits? Are you funding last month’s losses with next month’s projected revenue? “We are experts at optimizing profit through a combination of financial anticipation and accounting along with operational excellence and lead generation.

Building Value and Exit Strategy

Many business owners fail do to either and the results are nothing short of disastrous

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Introducing Your Dedicated Business Advisor

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Sergio DeCesare

Sergio is a result orientated, small business Profit and Growth Expert (PGE) obsessed with Operational Excellence! He holds significant designations for his clients, such as:

· Certified Value BuilderTM

· Certified Business Exit Strategist

· Business Transfer Specialist, Licensed Business Broker & Intermediary

· He’s also a Amazon #1 Best Selling author for Business Leadership & Ethics in 2015.

He’s been an active member of Business Networkers International for the last 5 years, holding various leadership positions within this international organization.

Sergio’s seasoned skill and passion is devoted to turning around struggling or mediocre businesses to become “Best in Class” enterprises. Sergio’s “no non-sense” approach to fact finding, marketing strategies and process building, helps business owners maximize profits while increasing company value. He’s adept at the implementation of the Value Builder TM system and his own comprehensive proprietary business system that has a proven track record of success honed over two decades of starting, managing, and selling businesses.

A credentialed Business Exit Strategist, Sergio truly enjoys helping his clients plan, build and secure their futures and the future of their businesses. His end-goal is facilitating a profitable, yet smooth transition of the firm to either an outside purchaser or developing a solid method to pass the torch to the next generation within a family or employees.

Sergio has successfully helped business owners in various industries including construction trades, mechanical trades, information technologies, legal, residential cleaning, interior design, florist, pressure cleaning, printers and franchisees of various franchises, just to name a few

Sergio attended both high school and college in SWFL, studying Business and Information Technologies.

Sergio served in a combat capacity and honorably discharge from the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division during the 1980’s.



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Do you want to be a Business Owner or a Business Worker?

Learn to be a “Owner”, not an “Operator”. Build your Business, not a Job.

So, you made the leap from being an employee to owning a business, or perhaps you’ve been in business awhile now but are not getting where you need to be or dreamt of being.

If you have not heard the “Entrepreneurial Myth” and the “Fatal Assumption”.
If you’re like most of the people I’ve known, you were working for somebody else.

You were a bookkeeper, a drafts-person, webpage designer, graphics artist, carpenter, plumber, electrician or a auto mechanic. You were a or a dog washer; or a hair stylist, a barber or a computer programmer; a doctor or a technical writer, or an accountant; an interior designer or a salesperson.

But whatever you were, you were doing technical work, and you were probably pretty good at it.

But you were doing it for somebody else and thinking you were making somebody else rich.

Then, one day, for no apparent reason, something happened. It could have been anything; it doesn’t matter what. But one day, for some obscure and maybe long forgotten reason, you were suddenly stricken with an episode of entrepreneurism.

Inside your mind it sounded something like: “What am I working for this guy for?

Hell, I know more about his business than he does. If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t have a business. He doesn’t pay nearly what I’m worth or deserve!”

At the moment you took yourself seriously, and your fate was sealed. The idea of being your own boss, doing your own thing,
getting what you were worth!

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