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MESSAGING….What’s Yours?

Do you have an Effective “PITCH or are you your “Job” like everybody else?

When asked, most business owners do not have a 10 second, 30 second elevator speech, effective tag-line or really any coherent way to communicate what they do to a prospect.

Simply stating, ” I am a Mortgage Broker”  or  I am a Plumber” is about the worst thing you can say! What differentiates you from “Joe Bag of Donuts”, who is also a plumber, or Mortgage broker? PLEASE, don’t say PRICE! Price is the thing you don’t not want to compete on. You will LOSE every time.  You need to offer an interesting preview to an effective solution to a problem they ( prospects) have.

The same applies to your business cards. Without a compelling offer or something to elevate your prospects interest, you are wasting time, money and ink! Let max Business Profits show you how to maximize those crucial seconds you have to get a prospect to learn more about what you can do for them or someone they know!