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Welcome to Max Business Profits

There’s a saying: If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu!

Nowadays, competition is fierce, regulation is oppressive and marketing, very aggressive. It’s not just enough to survive. Your business has to thrive in this business atmosphere or it’s going to die.

Amazon #1 Best Selling author, small business coach and marketing consultant Sergio DeCesare of Max Business Profits works with business owners to accomplish just that. With more than 2 decades experience they help business owners with proven strategies and tactics to help business owners increase their profits regardless of economic conditions.

Most business owners start off as masters of a particular technical skill set or trade who at some point decided to go out on their own as a “business”. Unfortunately, a particular trade skill, though important, is a small and limited piece of a larger skill set required to effectively operate, market and even eventually sell a valuable business, profitably. Max Business Profits evaluates, consults and coaches business owners in most of these skills required, such as:

  • Processes
  • Mindset & Philosophy
  • Hiring / Firing Employees
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership Skills

and Marketing…

In the last decade, the Internet has become the “Great Equalizer” when it comes to small businesses and their competitors. At no other time has a “mom and pop” operation been able to compete with the “whales” of business past their own neighborhoods and traditional word of mouth. The internet has taken traditional word of mouth and has increased it exponentially. However, that can work both ways! Not done properly, a business can do some serious damage to itself or allow a competitor to do it for them!

Max Business Profits specializes in this particular aspect of messaging for their clients.We show you how to attract your “perfect” customer as well as develop programs to keep existing customers returning to you time and time again.

Lastly, all professionals, whether they are successful executives, real estate moguls, athletes or singers,  all have one thing in common: A Coach!

A Trusted 3rd party who they can rely on to “give it to them straight” and help them develop into the best they can be. We hope that in the future we can help YOU and your business achieve even greater success than you imagined and we are grateful for that opportunity!

How do we accomplish this?

By following our proprietary P7 Prosperity Blueprint